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 The startup is really trying to gain market space with the first app that is available for all platforms and is consistent over all of them. It is an instant messaging service available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, IRC, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, MSN and many other networks that have been used traditionally over desktops and are in use on smartphones and tablets. Although, we are mostly familiar with a few instant messaging services, but in essence they lag behind a lot in terms of interactivity, compatibility, security and overall experience.


 It is one of the only fully featured instant messaging application that works standalone of any particular device or platform or network. Yes, the novelty is in the fact that it is network independent and this makes it capable of making connections seamlessly over numerous different networks at ease providing you uninterrupted connectivity. Trillian is something you can rely upon for confidential purposes as well as for reliable information sharing. It provides you a worry and tangle free experience without affecting your home page, creating pop-ups or installing any spyware in your browsers. This is particularly for the desktop versions.

 Much More

 The basic capabilities like audio chat, text chat, file transfers, group chats, chat rooms are obviously supported. It also provides capabilities that other instant messaging services do not even think of, simply because it needs a lot more effort. 
 - It allows multiple simultaneous connections to the same network, which helps concurrency and redundancy, improves reliability and avoids corruption. 
 - It provides server-side contact importing, direct connections like AIM, support for proxies, encrypted messaging using AIM or ICQ as well as normal SMS using cellular networks. 
 - The next big thing is its powerful privacy control setting that is not one of the major concern until you are the victim of a scam.


 Their release cycle has delivered the recently and this weighs only 14.1 MB in size. This release has also covered many additional aspects like contact messaging history, an inbuilt powerful skinnable interface, tabbed messaging, a globally applicable status change that reflects in all your messaging networks automatically. It provides Instant Lookup using the Wikipedia integration, Contact Alerts, docking, hundreds of emotisounds and emoticons. 

 The best thing is an automatic event trigger console that sets off when something happens on the client side. Trillian, is a one of a kind IM application that is far more advanced than others.

Changes on the new version:
Facebook: Fixed a few possible crashesFixed
ICQ: Fixed issue with longer passwordsFixed
XMPP: Fixed issue with OpenFire connectivity

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